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If you are currently homeless and need emergency shelter, please call the Emergency Shelter Clearinghouse at 360-695-9677. The Clearinghouse phone lines are open from 9 am to 8 pm.


If you have already applied for a housing program, please be certain that we always have your current mailing address. Mail returned by the Post Office will cause your name to be removed from the waitlist. You can print our Waitlist Update form here.  If you want information about your previous application, please visit our Applicant Portal.


The VHA Public and Managed Housing programs are VHA-owned and managed properties that provide income-based housing assistance throughout Clark County, and includes housing opportunities for families, seniors, and special needs individuals.

  1. Review the eligibility requirements.
  2. If a waiting list for which you qualify is open (see "Open Wait Lists" link at the top of this page), click on the link for applying for that property.  Follow the instructions and links for that particular property.  Please note that some properties will require application using our online application system, others will require a paper application, so read carefully.
  3. Keep us informed with changes in your address and household composition. Returned mail will result in your being removed from the list.

The VHA's Waiting List for Subsidized Housing

There is a limited supply of VHA subsidized housing to fill a great need. All housing types have waiting lists that vary depending on housing type. Those waiting lists may be closed, especially if wait times are more than one year.


As of July 1, 2011 all Public Housing properties are smoke free.


Helpful Links


If you have already applied and are looking for our Applicant Portal, it can be found here