Medical Insurance
Employees and eligible family members may choose from two medical plans - both traditional and HMO-type plans. Generally, all medical/vision and dental plans are fully paid by the VHA, but occasionally some plans require employee contribution. There are two dental plans available.


PTO and Holidays
PTO (Paid Time Off) is earned at 5.67 hours per pay period for a total of 136 hours or 17 days per year. The rate of increase is one additional hour per pay period for each 5 years of service. The VHA has ten paid holidays throughout the year.


Life Insurance
The VHA provides a life insurance policy to employees at no cost. The employee may purchase additional life insurance for themselves, spouse and/or children.


Long Term Disability
The VHA provides a long-term disability plan to employees at no cost. This policy provides partial income protection for employees in the event of an injury or illness that prohibits the employee from returning to work.


Retirement System and Deferred Compensation Plan 
Employees participate in the Washington State Public Employees Retirement Plan. The Department of Retirement Systems sets the contribution rates. In addition, employees can participate in a deferred compensation plan and can contribute 25% of their pre-tax annual salary up to a maximum of $15,500.


Direct Deposit and Credit Union Membership
Employees can have their paychecks directly deposited into any financial institution of their choice and may join Columbia Credit Union.