The Internet offers a great deal of information about affordable housing issues. Below are some sites that you may find helpful. Please e-mail our webmaster with other helpful resources that should be posted here. This page is divided into:


Government Sites
Local Partners
Organizations that Fund Affordable Housing
Research, Statistics, and Advocacy
Other Helpful Resources

Community Housing Resource Center Tax Preparation Help


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Government Sites

Washington State House of Representatives

Direct link to the Washington House, including directory and committee information.

Washington State Senate

Direct link to the Washington Senate, including directory and committee information.

HUD Washington State Direct link to the Washington State HUD site including annoucements of HUD policy, initiatives andpress releases.

Washington State Office of Community Development

OCD's housing division provides financial and technical resources to all 39 counties in the state.


Local Partners:

Vancouver Chamber of Commerce

Important information about the local business community.


Organizations that Fund Affordable Housing:

The National Equity Fund, Inc.

NEF is the premier nonprofit syndicator of tax-credit financed housing. NEF builds partnerships with major U.S. corporations that are focused on investing in affordable housing developments


Research, Statistics, & Advocacy

US Census Bureau Housing Topics

Detailed data on housing information for each census track. Many downloadable tables.

National Low-Income Housing Coalition

NLIHC provides up-to-date information, formulates policy, and educates the public on housing needs and the strategies for solutions. Excellent resource.

Research Institute For Housing America

The Research Institute for Housing America is an independent research organization devoted to expanding access to U.S. housing and mortgage markets. The Institute was founded by the Mortgage Bankers Association of America.

Institute for Research on Poverty

The Institute for Research on Poverty (IRP) is a national, university-based center for research into the causes and consequences of poverty and social inequality in the United States.

Affordable Housing Finance

Publication serving the housing finance professional community.

National Organization of Housing and Redevelopment Officials

NAHRO is the leading housing and community development advocate for the provision of adequate and affordable housing and strong, viable communities for all Americans - particularly those with low and moderate incomes.

PNRC-NAHRO  Pacific Northwest Regional Council of NAHRO

Pacific Northwest Regional Council of NAHRO serves professionals engaged in the subsidized housing business who work and live in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington

PSWRC-NAHRO Pacific Southwest Regional Council of NAHRO

Pacific Southwest Regional Council of NAHRO serves professionals engaged in the subsidized housing business who work and live in California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and the Pacific territories.


Other Helpful Resources:

Washington Health Plan Finder

Health Insurance Marketplace

Need help learning about the new health insurance options? Find health plans available in the State of Washington. Also, link to the Health Insurance Marketplace to learn more.

Washington Parent Power

An easy internet tool for families and their advocates to learn about benefits they may qualify for.

Clark County Rental Association

Landlord and tenant information for Clark County Workforce 101 Resource Guide, a resource for any of your job-seekers.

2-1-1 is an easy to remember telephone number that, connects people with important community services and volunteer opportunities in the area.