Maintenance of VHA-owned Units

This information regarding maintenance is for tenants in VHA-owned and managed properties only. If you live in an apartment managed by a private landlord or property management company, please contact the office of your property manager for any maintenance issues.


Residents have a legal obligation to let the VHA maintenance department know about anything that does not work properly in a unit. If you are unsure, please call and ask! To report maintenance needs, call (360) 694-4506. It is best to phone in repairs of an urgent or complicated nature.


Charges are made in cases of tenant-caused damage only. You will not be charged for normal wear-and-tear.


The VHA does not allow changes to your unit or allow tenant-built items to be added to the site or unit. This includes painting, wallpapering, changing locks, adding shelves, etc. There are a few exceptions; to inquire about making changes to your unit, call (360) 694-4506.



Your health and safety are important to us. Yearly inspections help the VHA keep our properties in good condition for you and for future tenants.


Tenants receive a copy of a pre-move-in inspection with the lease paperwork, and have 5 days to let the VHA know if the inspection report is not accurate.


If you are a public housing resident, your house or apartment will be inspected annually by VHA. You may also receive notification that other agencies, such as HUD, will be inspecting. If the inspection reveals repair needs, the Maintenance Department will repair the items. If the inspection finds things you need to do, your Case Manager or the Maintenance Inspector will tell you.


Voucher units are inspected once yearly by the VHA. Any failure items are addressed with you and your landlord.


Should you fail the inspection, you will be assessed a fee of $30. What are the most common inspection failures?


Help with Yard Care

The VHA provides some service to elderly and disabled tenants who need help maintaining the exterior of their unit. Please send a letter to your property manager to request this service.